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May 06, 2012 07:58 AM PDT
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Home Church Vision

The Strategy

The leaders go through the seven teachings from the “Foundations” audio teaching in seven sessions over one or two days then the Home Churches go through the seven sessions one per week for seven weeks (with the leaders leading). On the eighth week a planned public baptism takes place for all the new converts and this also becomes a recruitment opportunity for the next wave of “Foundations” teachings in the newly started wave of Home Churches.

Meanwhile, the original Home Churches move on to a seven-weeks-long short course lifted from The Way of the Spirit Bible Reading Course e.g. “The Drama of Salvation”. On the eighth week there is another public baptism (or similar public event) from which a new (third wave) of Home Churches are started.

The original group of Home Churches now move onto the Training for Life (TFL) course in full, the second wave go onto “The Drama of Salvation” (or similar short course) and the first group start the “Foundations” audio teaching. And so it goes on……

Remember that in each Home Church the leader must be looking for potential leaders to assist him/her and to take on the leadership of new Home Churches.

Eventually the original Home Church leaders will become Apostolic Overseers for the groups of Home Churches that they oversee and they will also work together with other Apostolic Overseers and some of these will become part of the National Apostolic Team that assist you, as the anointed Apostolic Leader, with the national oversight of the work.

There will be much work for everyone involved and forming a team, as God leads, is essential…….

It will be good to hear how the Home Churches are flourishing. Remember the importance of raising-up a ‘called and anointed’ apostolic team to work with the ministry leader. The work will grow too big for one person alone.

Leaders, look for people in whom you can reproduce yourself and raise up in Christ. You have the apostle’s anointing but remember that they do not. Each team member will have a function under your mantle but no one person will be able to do all that you do, therefore raise up a team in which people are called in specific areas of your anointing……e.g. pastor, teacher, evangelist and prophet. You will also need anointed administrators and those with the gift of helps (to drive, to cook, to do the practical work: these would be deacons)

The structure of the ministry should look something like this ……..

Rev. Peter (TheWayCM teams) > National Apostle and his apostolic team (this team will include elders from different regions) > the Home Church overseers (elders) and their assistants (deacons) from every region > the people

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May 06, 2012 08:01 AM PDT

1. Becoming a son of God

1) Why do you think God chose to send Jesus into the world?

2) Now we can call God ‘Father’ and we are His children. What does it mean for you to be a ‘child of God’?

3) If ‘sin’ means we are separated from God, what then restores us to God?

4) Peter said we must be both ‘Spirit-fed & Spirit-led’. What do you think he means by this? (see Luke 4:1)

5) What is the purpose of our ‘salvation’?
(see Matthew 28:19-20)

6) If you were asked to explain what the Good News/Gospel message was, what would you say?

Permission is granted to freely photocopy these materials for non-commercial, educational use.

May 06, 2012 08:05 AM PDT

1) What did Jesus accomplish on the Cross for us?

2) The ‘baptism in the Holy Spirit’ is described as a ‘gift’. In what way do you think it is a ‘gift’?

3) As with any of the ‘gifts’ from God, we must earnestly desire this ‘Baptism in the Holy Spirit’. If you have not already received this, how much do you want it?

4) God’s Holy Spirit drives out all our fears. Do you have any fears and if so, how should you deal with these?

5) God is making us into ‘new creations’. Do you feel any sense of newness in your Christian walk and what is making this difference to your life?

6) The Holy Spirit is God’s power for us to enable us to do His work on earth and follow Jesus. In what ways does the Holy Spirit help us to follow Jesus?

Permission is granted to freely photocopy these materials for non-commercial, educational use.

May 06, 2012 08:07 AM PDT

1) Peter said that ‘witnessing is our lifestyle‘. Actions speak louder than words. In what ways are you being a witness?

2) ’Tongues edify the speaker‘. (see 1 Corinthians 14:4) What do you understand by this?

3) If you have never spoken yourself in ‘tongues’, how did you feel when you heard Peter speak and sing in this language?

4) You cannot run before you walk. You need to receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit before you can speak to God with this language. Why?

5) ‘When you speak or sing in the Holy Spirit, this power from God reaches out to those around you’. How important do you think tongues are in our witnessing?

6) Have you found this teaching, and the previous one helpful in your understanding of the Holy Spirit and Tongues and if so how?

Permission is granted to freely photocopy these materials for non-commercial, educational use.

May 06, 2012 08:08 AM PDT

1) If you are ‘hearing from God’, what is He saying to you?

2) ’Jesus came to show us the ‘Way’ to live. How important was it that Jesus demonstrated this Way for us, and what does this mean for you?

3) When you are born again it is possible to meet with God in a personal, intimate way every day. Is that your experience?

4) How do we gain a deeper intimacy with Christ?

5) How important are dreams and visions in our relationship with God? (see Acts 2:17)

Permission is granted to freely photocopy these materials for
non-commercial, educational use.

May 06, 2012 08:10 AM PDT

1) What makes God, our Father ‘Good’? And how can we receive ‘good’ things from Him (i.e. the desires of our heart)?

2) What do you understand by being ‘hidden’ in Christ Jesus?
(see Colossians 3:1-4)

3) Jesus said, ‘Seek first the Kingdom of God’. Why is this so important?

4) How do we resist the ‘devil’? (see James 4:7)

5) ‘Submission to God is about surrendering ourselves into His Son’s victory‘. How should this truth give us confidence to get closer to Jesus as we follow Him?

6) ’Whoever would follow me, must take up their cross’. What does it mean for us to take up our ‘cross’? (see Matthew 16:24)

Permission is granted to freely photocopy these materials for
non-commercial, educational use.

May 06, 2012 08:11 AM PDT

1) Why is it important that we submit ourselves to God and are no longer conformed to the things of this world?

2) All authority was given to Jesus. Do you think it is possible for us to have authority in our lives, and how?
(see 1 Peter 5:6)

3) The devil deceives us to sin, by tempting us with things that are attractive. ‘Deception is a cleverly disguised lie masquerading as the truth’ Have you ever been deceived, and could you explain how it happened?

4) How essential is it that our minds are fixed on Christ?

5) Many today pursue ‘knowledge’, like the Greeks in Paul’s time. They seek only to fill the brain (from the tree of knowledge), instead of the heart and brain (tree of Life). Why is this a dangerous thing?

6) Peter described pubs as a sort of ‘counterfeit church’.
Did you understand what he meant by this?

Permission is granted to freely photocopy these materials for
non-commercial, educational use.

May 06, 2012 08:13 AM PDT

1) The world hates the ‘Light of the world’. Why?

2) Peter explained that the name John means ‘beloved’. Do you know what your name means, and do you think it is a true description of you?

3) The way we live is the Gospel we preach. The Bible is often referred to as ‘words of life’. Why do you think this is?

4) Why is confession ‘good for the soul’? And why do we find it so hard to say we’re ‘sorry’?

5) Light reveals the way ahead if we are on the ‘Highway of Holiness’ (see Isaiah 35:8) Are you on the highway of Holiness?

6) Why is it important to be ‘walking in this Light’?

Permission is granted to freely photocopy these materials for
non-commercial, educational use.

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